The iProv Database

The only fully collaborative, public database of improv performance games and handles.

What it is

The iProv Database is an XML file containing a large list of improv games and formats. The games are listed with meta-information that make the database extremely useful to programs that can organize and query such information.

How to contribute your own additions and improvements

Thank you for wanting to help! Please see the contributions page. (If you're just looking for the SourceForge project page, it's here.)

Who can use it

The iProv Database is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. Generally, this means you are free to use and/or modify it for non-commercial purposes, so long as you give attribution to the original and distribute the modified version under similar licensing terms. (View the full license text here.) Creative Commons License

The iProv Database is originally based on the 2001 edition of The Living Playbook, copyright Unexpected Productions. Inquiries relating to it should be made to Randy Dixon.

Who uses it

Currently, The iProv Database is being used by iProv, a free application for the iPhone (available on iTunes). Other public uses may be listed here.

Who's responsible

The iProv Database was created by Dan Posluns for use in his iProv application. He is the editor in charge of the version you see in that application. Additional contributors may be listed on this page.

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